Historical Peninsula Guourme Guide

The Historical Peninsula… One of Istanbul’s most popular locations. It not only captivates with its history but also draws attention with its delicious restaurants. In this article, let’s visit the places recommended by Vedat Milor on the streets of the Historical Peninsula.

Before we begin, let’s remind you: If you want to explore step by step the most well-known restaurants of the Historical Peninsula and listen to gourmet Vedat Milor’s narration, you can download the Piri app.

Namlı Rumeli Köfte

Tarihi Yarımada Lezzet Rehberi - Namlı Rumeli Köfte​

Located in Kocapaşa, Namlı Rumeli Köfte is in a very central location. If we say it’s one of the best meatball places in Istanbul since it started serving in 1982, we wouldn’t be wrong. They make these delicious meatballs with minced beef only. However, let’s warn you, the portions are a bit small. It consists of 6 meatballs, and it’s really hard not to be satisfied. Still, if you order a glass of buttermilk with your meatballs and have semolina halva afterward, you can truly say you’ve had a great meal!

Güvenç Konyalı

Guvenç Konyalı is a family business founded by Hüseyin Güvenç. It’s a modest place very close to Sirkeci Station. A unique venue where you can find traditional Konya dishes. Of course, when Konya is mentioned, you should definitely try the meat bread here. However, in addition to meat bread, we recommend trying okra soup and oven kebab. The oven kebab, in particular, is served in generous portions and is reasonably priced.

Can Oba

One of the most upscale restaurants in Sirkeci is Can Oba, but it’s a quite small venue. Therefore, it’s natural to wait for a while for reservations, just letting you know in advance. Also, it’s worth noting that you won’t encounter a classic Turkish kitchen here. Can Oba can be described as a restaurant with European standards. They serve a maximum of 100 people per day, ensuring that the quality remains high. Can Oba stands out in memory with fresh ingredients and beautiful presentations. We recommend trying the lasagna here, which is one of the most liked dishes.


Mürver is a very new restaurant that opened on July 1, 2017. It is located on the top floor of Novotel Bosphorus, offering a beautiful view of the Bosphorus. With its splendid kitchen, it is a high-quality venue. However, it would be wrong to say fine dining for Mürver. Although it has just opened, we anticipate that it will become one of the most popular establishments in Karaköy.

We recommend trying dishes prepared by Chef Yılmaz Öztürk and his team, including marinated bonito, grilled local squid, spicy compote, and dried yogurt. Enjoy your meal in advance!

We have completed the flavor route of the Historical Peninsula. Have you also been curious about the must-see stops? Then, you can check out our Historical Peninsula article.


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