Essential Travel Tips for Exploring the World

“Have you ever missed your flight before? Or lost your passport during an international trip? Or got lost? 🙄

We can almost hear you saying yes… Whether you’re a backpacker or a frequent visitor of 5-star hotels… We all learn new things from every journey we take. Now, let’s take a look at our travel tactics guide, created with the experiences of Piri travellers!

Affordable Airplane Tickets

Among the most commonly wondered-about strategies for finding cheap tickets are the ones related to air travel. You’ve surely experienced a situation where you checked the prices for a ticket, and just 10 minutes later, after searching for the same ticket again, you found that the price had increased.

In reality, the reason behind this is websites saving your web history through cookies in your internet browser. With the information obtained from your known web history, airlines might indeed raise the price of the ticket you’re considering. Of course, there are those who consider this to be a rumour as well. You can research and experiment to make a decision for yourself.

If you want to try this out, you can browse the web in a hidden manner. To do this, you can open a private window in your internet browser. Each browser has different methods for opening a private window. For example, in Google Chrome, pressing Ctrl+Shift+n will open a private window.

While browsing in a private window, your web history won’t be saved, and cookies will be automatically deleted. Thus, for an airline to know that you previously searched for the same ticket, they might need help from X-Men’s Professor Charles Xavier 😂

Furthermore, although it’s a classic and well-known concept, planning ahead for the next season and buying your ticket early can bring you significant benefits. By keeping an eye on the periods when tickets are cheaper and current promotions for your travel route, you can find cheaper tickets. You might also consider aiming for midweek dates.

People usually don’t prefer flying very late at night or very early in the morning. Hence, flights taking place in the early hours of the morning or around midnight can also be advantageous.

Space-Saving Ways to Pack a Bag 🧳

Next up are suitcase travel tactics. Unpacked suitcases, last-minute preparations, forgotten items at home, and a bunch of unnecessary clothing being carried along! 😯

We understand you so well! But no worries! Let’s take a look at our tips on this subject.

Firstly, make sure you thoroughly check the climate of your destination and the weather conditions during your visit. Being prepared is always good, but while not wanting to let go of caution, you don’t need all your belongings to travel with you 😂

You should be well aware of the weather, the general clothing preferences of the place you’re visiting, the activities you’ll be doing there, and the details of the hotel where you’ll be staying. For example, if you’re staying in a hostel, you might need to bring everyday items like towels, a hairdryer, or even a bedsheet. Or if you plan to swim when you arrive, you might end up having to shop for a swimsuit in an unfamiliar country.

We have a special suggestion for shoes: you can save space by placing your socks inside your shoes. Another tactic could be wrapping them in the shower caps provided by hotels before placing them in the suitcase.

During the flight, your personal care products are likely to leak, spill, or even burst due to the low pressure. To prevent these unpleasant surprises, you can place plastic wrap between the cap and the liquid and then close the cap.

Health Precautions While Traveling

Health should indeed be the top priority of our travels, just as it is for everything else 😷

Whether you are travelling to the most beautiful city in the world, a small headache can negatively impact your trip.

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to have a simple mini travel first aid kit. Being prepared is beneficial. We recommend having items like band-aids, antibacterial cream, bandages, antacids (such as Rennie or Alka-Seltzer), pain relievers, and multivitamins. Of course, you can revise this based on your personal preferences and your current health condition.

How to Safeguard Travel Documents?

We’re sure you have a document checklist before your international trip. ☺️

If not, we strongly recommend creating one. You can also use ready-made lists available online.

Make sure your passport, ID card, driver’s license, tickets, visa documents, hotel reservation printouts, and travel insurance are all complete before your journey. If you’re very cautious and detail-oriented, you can even get colour photocopies of all documents before the trip and keep them in a corner of your bag. We generally prefer to keep them in digital formats. Send them to the cloud ☺️


✈️  Let’s say you had to stay at the terminal. In fact, you might have even planned to spend a night at the airport, maybe even voluntarily. What should you pay attention to?

To be honest, airports have higher hygiene standards compared to streets and are generally safer places. That’s why nowadays many travellers, especially young ones, don’t hesitate to stay overnight at the airport, especially in terminals. This way, you can travel to more countries and have more trips on a limited budget.

If you’re thinking “Can that really happen?” I recommend you take a look at the Sleeping in Airports website. It’s a site created by travellers, for travellers. It provides useful information about where it’s comfortable to sleep in airports, free Wi-Fi passwords for internet access, the locations of water fountains, and more.

If you’re going to have such an experience, we have an important reminder for you. Make sure to set an alarm and don’t miss your flight! 😇

If you still haven’t made any vacation plans, we recommend taking a look at Budget-Friendly European Cities!


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