Perast Travel Guide: A Timeless Town

When you step foot in Montenegro, you will see that every corner of the country is uniquely beautiful. The best part is that due to its small size, there is only a short distance between the major cities. Perast is undoubtedly one of the must-see places in Montenegro, right after Kotor.

Ah, Perast! How can we describe this town? It gives you a feeling as if it has sprung out of a storybook, a place that makes you wish you could live here in tranquillity forever. This breathtaking small, picturesque town with its rich history, ancient architecture and romantic coastal restaurant terraces also attracts a significant number of tourists.

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Church of St. Nicholas

The Catholic Church of St. Nicholas is located right in the heart of Perast. Built in 1691, this Catholic church had a bell tower added to it in 1713. The bell was once the largest in Europe. The church is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the protector of travellers on water. The name might sound familiar from somewhere else. Saint Nicholas was born and lived in Patara, located in Antalya, Turkey.

Climbing the tower is one of the most beautiful things you can do in Perast. You can see the entire coastline and the whole town from up there. If you’re visiting with children, be cautious and don’t let them climb the bell tower. It’s prohibited for their safety.

💌 In the main square outside the Church of St. Nicholas and in front of the post office, you’ll find a series of weathered and sea-stained busts. These are portraits of Perast’s most famous nobles.

Our Lady of the Rocks

The boats heading to the island depart from Perast’s marina. Along the coastline, you’ll already see several companies offering this service. The journey takes less than 10 minutes, and the round-trip ticket costs approximately 5 €. While on the island, you can explore a small chapel and a museum. The chapel, built in 1630, is adorned with Venetian frescoes of lively seafoam green from floor to ceiling, wooden carvings, and silver ornaments. 

Don’t miss the adjacent museum either. The collection here includes various objects such as lamps, pottery, and religious artefacts.

Perast Museum

Perast’s city museum is one of the buildings you’ll come across while strolling along the coastline. It was once the Bujović Palace. 

The museum documents the town’s maritime history through photographs, model ships, and other artefacts. Additionally, you can see the original belongings of the house and observe the influence of the Venetians on the town, which is beautifully showcased in the museum. The museum is open from Monday to Friday, 09:00-18:00, and on Saturdays from 09:00-14:00. For more details about the museum, visit the website of the museum

Get Lost in its Streets!

Walking along the coastline of Perast takes about 10 minutes, but if you get lost in its streets for a while, you’ll discover even more beauty that Perast has to offer. This town is home to a total of 16 churches and 17 Venetian-style mansions. Don’t miss this point for a truly immersive experience of Perast.

Sunset in Perast 🌞

Locals say that the sunsets in Montenegro are especially beautiful in Perast. The bay of Perast faces almost perfectly westward, and the channel leading to the bay is clearly visible. When the twin islands transform into dramatic silhouettes, the mountain peaks are ablaze with colour, and the sea sparkles, watching the sunset from the harbour’s edge becomes an exceptionally enjoyable experience.

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