Granada Travel Guide: Mosaic of Cultures

”There is nothing worse in life than being blind in Granada…”

said the Mexican poet Francisco de Icaza. The literal meaning of Granada is “pomegranate.” The city, like its namesake pomegranate, has brought together many different cultures. It has inspired dozens of poets and writers. However, not only them, but the architecture and atmosphere here have even influenced the world of television series. Game of Thrones fans will love it because the Alhambra Palace, where the series was filmed, is in Granada! The city combines both liveliness and tranquility. For example, the serenity provided by the river flowing through the city is indescribable. Nevertheless, we will try to convey it as much as we can in our writing.

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Where is Granada?

Granada is the capital of the Granada province, an autonomous community in southern Spain’s Andalusia region. The city is located 682 kilometers away from Barcelona. While Euro is used as the currency in Granada, the official language is Spanish. However, English, German, and French are also frequently encountered languages.

The Best Season to Visit Seville?

In Granada, there is often a lot of rain between November and March. April and June, on the other hand, are wonderful times to visit the city. The weather is more balanced during these months, allowing you to explore the city comfortably. If you go in the spring, you might even encounter the White Night, who knows? During the White Night, museums and palaces can be visited at night, featuring dances, concerts, children’s activities—a fantastic way to discover the vibrant side of Granada. In addition to the White Night, the Fire and Water Festival is held every year on June 23rd.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten winter enthusiasts. Granada is fascinating even in winter, mainly due to the opportunity to ski in Sierra Nevada. The ski season usually starts around November and continues until the end of May. Depending on the intensity of snowfall, you can even ski in the first weeks of June.

Must-Visit Places in Seville

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Nueva Square

Granada Gezi Rehberi ve Gezilecek Yerler - Nueva Meydanı

Although “Nueva” translates to “new,” Nueva Square is not a new place at all. On the contrary, it is quite old, even the oldest square in the region. In the past, various events, from bullfights to public shows, were organized here. Nowadays, it is the intersection point of the city center, making it quite crowded at all hours. You can visit Nueva Square to observe how life flows in the city. We mentioned that life flows here, but it’s not the only thing flowing. The Darro River, right next to the square, somewhat provides tranquility amidst the crowd.

Granada Cathedral

Granada Gezi Rehberi ve Gezilecek Yerler - Granada Katedrali

Built in the early 16th century, Granada Cathedral is located in the area of Gran Via Avenue. The cathedral doesn’t stand out much from the outside; it seems like a treasure lost in the crowd. However, if you go inside, you will see one of the marvelous structures of the Renaissance. Initially, the cathedral was supposed to carry traces of Gothic architecture, but it was later rearranged differently.

Note: You can find plenty of tapas restaurants on the street where the cathedral is located. As mentioned before, tapas come for free with your drink 😊

Arco Elvira

Elvira Gate, dating back to the 9th century, was used as an entrance to the city. It was built by Yusuf I for the purpose of protecting the city. Crossing through the reddish gate makes one feel like being in a time machine. It gives the sensation of being transported to a different dimension, a completely different time. Behind the gate, you will see various shops where you can taste organic products and different coffees. As you go up, you can start your souvenir shopping.

Albaicin and Mirador San Nicolas

It’s time to get away from the crowd. So, welcome to Albaicin, declared a World Heritage Site! This place is like a different world. Well, Granada itself is a whole different universe. But calling Albaicin a hidden paradise wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Ski enthusiasts and nature lovers will adore this place! You don’t have to be an athlete to hike in Albaicin. Anyone who loves nature can come.

Breathtaking mountain views, bustling goats, dazzling white houses, and clean streets… When we said paradise, this is exactly what we were talking about. After your ascent, you reach an observation terrace. From the terrace, you can admire the Alhambra Palace. At this point, you also have the chance to meet many musicians and artists sketching.

While you’re in Granada, we assume you’ll be visiting Barcelona. Before you hit the road, you can also read our Barcelona travel guide 😊


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