5 Christmas Cities in France

As winter arrives in France, the Christmas magic takes over 🎄✨

Cities turn into enchanting holiday havens. Imagine streets with sparkling lights, festive decorations, and the delightful scent of seasonal treats. The spirit of the season comes alive in unique and charming ways. Sooo, we’ll explore 5 Christmas cities in France. From the renowned festivities in Strasbourg to the timeless allure of Paris…

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Strasbourg, in the Alsace region, is surrounded by pretty landscapes, cute villages, and vineyards. It has a cool mix of French and German traditions. Check out La Petite France with its charming old houses and canals.

The best part? Strasbourg is famous for its awesome Christmas markets, some of the oldest in Europe. The whole city gets decked out with lights and decorations. You can munch on holiday treats and find cool crafts at the market stalls. It’s like stepping into a holiday fairy tale! 

It’s definitely one of the most charming Christmas cities in France and all of Europe.


Reims has a cool history, especially because it’s where they used to crown French kings! 

The Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral, a UNESCO site, is where it all happened. Charles VII, Joan of Arc in 1429…. Plus, Reims is right in the middle of Champagne country, making it a big deal for sparkling wine. Famous Champagne houses, like Veuve Clicquot and Taittinger, call Reims home. While there, check out the lively Place Drouet d’Erlon Square – it’s where everyone hangs out! 


The city is famous for its old buildings that look magical from the medieval and Renaissance times. 

One of the magnificent places is the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy (Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne). It’s a mix of different architectural styles. Dijon is super well-known for its mustard, which they’ve been making for a long time. The mustard from there is sharp and spicy. Dijon is also a great starting point to check out the vineyards in the Burgundy region. They’re famous for making awesome Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. So, it’s obviously one of the Christmas cities in France where you’ll have great wine and food. 


This is the “Venice of the Alps”! Why? Because of its cute canals and the Thiou River running through it. Imagine cobblestone streets, colourful buildings, and mountains in the background – it’s like a picture! Also, Lake Annecy is super clear, one of Europe’s cleanest. You can do fun stuff there like swimming, boating, and kayaking.

Annecy’s Old Town is a maze of narrow streets and cosy spots. You’ll find cute shops, cafes, and local markets with yummy stuff. Annecy is amongst the best Christmas cities in France. During Christmas, the Old Town gets all festive with markets selling cool crafts and treats. The snowy landscapes make Annecy even more charming – perfect for a fun holiday getaway!


Paris, often referred to as the “City of Light,” is a world-renowned destination with a rich history, stunning architecture, and a vibrant cultural scene. The city has a rich artistic and cultural heritage. The Louvre is the largest art museum in the world, housing thousands of works, including the Mona Lisa. 

Paris hosts charming Christmas markets where you can find festive decorations, handmade crafts, and seasonal treats. The Champs-Élysées Christmas Market is particularly famous.

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