Rome Travel Guide

Rome offers travelers many appealing experiences, from the remnants of the Roman Empire to natural beauties. Rome is divided into “Old” and “New”, each with its own unique gifts. Let’s not forget about Italian cuisine, either. Pizzas, pasta, tiramisu, gelato (the Italian version of ice cream)… Just thinking about it makes one’s mouth water, right? 😊

Fully experiencing Rome is not possible in a short amount of time. So, travellers planning a brief trip need to choose their stops carefully.

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Where is Rome?

The city of Rome is between the Tiber and Aniene rivers in Italy. It is built on the Palatine, Aventine, Capitoline, Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline, and Caelian hills.

How to Go to Rome?

There are various ways to reach Rome.

By Air: Rome has two airports; Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (Fiumicino Airport) and Ciampino Airport. You can find several airlines serving both airports. Also, both offer flights to many destinations worldwide.

By Train: Rome is well-connected to other major cities in Italy and Europe by train. The main train station in Rome is Termini Station, which is in the city centre.

By Bus: There are several companies that offer bus services to Rome from other cities in Italy and Europe. The main bus station in Rome is Tiburtina Station.

By Ferry: Rome has a port, Civitavecchia, which is about an hour’s drive from the city centre. Ferries from other Mediterranean countries also dock here.

The Best Season to Visit Rome

Rome is a city dominated by a Mediterranean climate, making it suitable to visit every season. However, hot summers can mean crowds of tourists pouring into the city, as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. To have a more comfortable trip, we recommend choosing the spring or fall months 🍂

Must-Visit Places in Rome

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Roma Gezi Rehberi ve Gezilecek Yerler - Colosseum

One of Italy’s most important historical treasures: the Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre). It is the largest amphitheatre have been built during the Roman Empire. With a capacity of 55,000 people, this unique architecture has transformed from a place where gladiators fought to the symbol of Rome’s city and the most popular tourist destination.

You can access the Colosseum’s website by clicking here.

Roma Forumu (Forum Romanum)

Roma Gezi Rehberi ve Gezilecek Yerler - Roma Forumu

One of the main reasons people know Rome as an open-air museum is mainly because of this place. Roman Forum is the heart of the Roman Empire, where state affairs were perceived in a collective manner, a complex structure.

The Forum contains important sections such as the Temple of Vesta, the Curia, the Temples of Castor and Pollux, the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine, the Temple of Vespasian, the Temple of Saturn, and the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina.

Santa Maria Maggiore

This is the largest church dedicated to Mother Mary. Pope Liberius built it in the 4th century after appearing in Mary’s dream. Santa Maria Maggiore is an impressive building with splendid decorations of gold, mosaics, and marble. At the top of the church, there is a beautiful pyramid-shaped bell tower. We assure you that it is definitely worth seeing.

The Fountain of Love (Fontana di Trevi)

Roma Gezi Rehberi ve Gezilecek Yerler - Trevi Çeşmesi

Fontana di Trevi is one of the most famous fountains in the world. It also has the name “the Fountain of Love”. The fountain features statues of Neptune in the centre, Ceres on the left, and Salus on the right. Travellers who come here throw coins into the fountain. Traditionally, you should throw the coin over your left shoulder with your right hand while facing away from the fountain.

According to legend, those who toss a single coin into the fountain will return to Rome one day. On the other hand, those who toss two coins will fall in love with a beautiful Roman, and those who toss three coins will marry a Roman.


Roma Gezi Rehberi ve Gezilecek Yerler - Pantheon

Another important legacy of the Roman Empire in Rome is the Pantheon, also known as the Temple of the Gods. Augustus’ son-in-law, Agrippa, built it to offer his gratitude to the gods. Originally, the Pantheon was a temple dedicated to the Roman gods, but from the 7th century onwards, it began to function as a church.

You can check out the Pantheon’s website to find out about visiting hours and tickets.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Roma Gezi Rehberi ve Gezilecek Yerler - Sant'Angelo Kalesi

Castel Sant’Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel) is one of Rome’s important historical buildings. According to legend, the Archangel Michael was seen sheathing his sword on top of the castle, thus ending the great plague of that time.

The castle has two statues of the Archangel Michael. Throughout history, the castle has also been used as a prison, dungeon, and torture centre. Additionally, the movie Angels & Demons also takes place in this castle.


Roma Gezi Rehberi ve Gezilecek Yerler - Vatikan

The Vatican City State is the headquarters of the Catholic Church. It is a walled city-state within Rome that is home to some of the world’s most valuable museums and art treasures.

The Vatican, which is the spiritual centre of Catholics, is a special place with art and artists in every corner. It includes St. Peter’s Square and Basilica, as well as the Vatican Museums and gardens.

That’s all for Rome for now! But one last reminder: Rome is also an excellent choice for shopping. Speaking of shopping in Europe, we can’t forget about Paris. You can check out our Paris travel guide, as well.


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