A Travel Guide to Uskudar

Uskudar welcomes you with its wave sounds, historical texture, and all its liveliness. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Istanbul that tells the story of the Ottoman spirit.

The name of Uskudar in the Roman period was Scutari, and in the Byzantine period, it was called Skudarium. The origin of the name “Uskudar” that we currently use is not certain, but Uskudar once had the name of Khrisopolis and was the “golden city”.

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Where is Uskudar?

Uskudar is a district located in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, on the Asian continent. It is situated east of the Istanbul Strait, with the European side across it. The area is home to many important cultural and historical sites, such as the Uskudar Mosque, the Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Theater, and the Selimiye Barracks.

How to Go to Uskudar?

You can go to Uskudar from various places in Istanbul by ferry, bus, or metro. Travelers who will use the Kadıköy-Tavşantepe metro should get off at the Ünalan stop and take the Uskudar minibuses. For those who will travel by bus, the buses that go to Uskudar are: 11Ü, 11ÜS, 11Y, 12, 139A, 2, 320A.

🛳️ We recommend checking the “Şehir Hatları” website in advance for departure times for those who want to travel by ferry because the ferry schedules change in winter and summer. Also, the weather does not always allow you to have a pleasant ferry experience.

Places to Visit in Uskudar

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Uskudar Pier

Üsküdar Gezi Rehberi Altın Şehir - Üsküdar İskelesi

One of the ideal places to start the tour is Uskudar Pier. We would not be mistaken to say that this is one of the busiest squares in Istanbul. You should start breathing in the sea air. As we mentioned before, it will be a route where you can experience the hidden spirit of the Ottoman Empire and follow the path of history.

Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

When it comes to Uskudar, one of the buildings that may come to mind first is the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque. Architect Sinan built it on the order of Mihrimah Sultan, the daughter of Suleiman the Magnificent. It was opened as a complex in 1548. The interior of the mosque is designed in the shape of a crescent, and it has 2 doors. The Cümle Door is one of these doors.

The Mihrimah Sultan Mosque also has a courtyard. In the center of the courtyard, there is a fountain, and century-old plane trees greet the visitors. In our opinion, you can not say that you have seen Uskudar without seeing this historically significant and architecturally magnificent building.

The Fountain of Sultan Ahmed III

During the Ottoman period, people highly valued water and cleanliness. That is why they were careful about the cleanliness and meticulousness of the places. Sultan Ahmed III also had 300 fountains built in Istanbul. Here, the fountain of Ahmed III is one of them. The Sultan built it in the 18th century in memory of his mother. To see this fountain, which is dazzling with its flower reliefs, you just have to visit the intersection of Hakimiyeti Milliye and Paşa Limanı Street.

Mimar Sinan Bazaar

The building that used to function as the bath of the Mihrimah Complex is currently a market. If you have time, we recommend that you enter and look at the dome of the market. They specially designed the dome in this way so that light from the ceiling filters in and creates a feeling of a spacious atmosphere.

Uskudar Mevlevi Lodge

The Uskudar Mevlevi Lodge was a place where travelers stayed centuries ago. Now it is a building of the Classical Turkish Arts Foundation. Mevlevi lodges were very important in the Ottoman period. So, you can find traces of the Ottoman culture in the Uskudar Mevlevi Lodge. While you are here, take a break and rest in the small garden of the Mevlevi Lodge.

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