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Solo Travel: Why You Should Take That Trip & Tips

The rising star of recent times, solo travel is a unique experience for travelers who want to push their own boundaries. The need to establish a deep relationship with ourselves is increasing day by day. Solo travel allows us to explore freely without being dependent on anyone, providing the opportunity to travel freely. In other words, it becomes a remedy for modern people. Experiencing different cultures freely has perhaps never been so enjoyable. Yes, we admit. On paper, it may not be an attractive option for everyone. There are many things to be careful about, many details to consider. However, the experience of traveling alone is something from which we can all learn a lot.

If you’re wondering if I can do it and what to pay attention to, we’ve explained it all in this article. Before we start our article, let’s remind you. Whether you travel alone or explore cities step by step with your friends, don’t forget to download the Piri Guide mobile app, your personal and digital tour guide! 🙂

What Does Solo Travel Mean?

In summary, solo travel refers to a traveler choosing to journey alone without any obligation. The traveler makes decisions based on their own needs and desires, ranging from destinations to meals, throughout the journey.

Why You Should Travel Solo?

As mentioned abundantly above, one of the evident privileges of solo travel is the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. In addition, the level of interaction with people during your journey is also under your control.

Moreover, solo travel contributes significantly to your inner world. Every solo traveler finds themselves stretching and growing emotionally. Your self-confidence increases, your problem-solving skills develop. You begin to understand yourself more deeply, become more independent, and end up becoming a more interesting person through the experience.

At the same time, when you travel alone, your attention is not diverted by a second person or a group. This allows you to access thoughts and emotional states that you might not be aware of otherwise. In short, it enables you to focus your energy on your own experience.

Tips for Solo Traveling

Start With Baby Steps

To experience a meaningful travel, you don’t necessarily need to fly to places like Antarctica or New Zealand. You can start with small steps and stay within your comfort zone. For example, you can plan a weekend getaway to a place near your city for your first trip. The key is to find a place where you feel comfortable. There’s no rush at the end of the day. For your next trip, you can challenge yourself to slightly higher levels of comfort. Just take that step.

Don't Forget to Do Research

The most important key to solo travel is thorough research. After buying your ticket, it’s good to start researching and create your own list. This way, you can avoid the stress of problems that may arise during the trip, such as where to go or what to eat. Some people like to plan day by day, while others prefer to plan less. Whatever suits you, it’s good to have at least a basic idea of what you want. Making notes about the surroundings of your chosen hotel, knowing what places you can visit, and where it’s good to eat can be important.

If you want to save time on planning and research, don’t forget to download Piri Guide. The Piri mobile app provides you with the best routes for the city you’re visiting, detects your location, and automatically starts telling the story of where you are. At the same time, with the recommendations within the app, you can easily experience the taste of local culture.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely ​

Choosing where you stay can be a determining factor in how free and comfortable you can be during your trip. Therefore, it is important to choose your accommodation wisely. Especially selecting a central location close to public transportation or the lively part of the city can be a good idea. However, not every central location is necessarily safe. That’s why doing research beforehand, reading reviews about the place you will stay, can be helpful.

Know Your Limits

Solo travel comes with certain disadvantages. If you are aware of them, you can take steps to overcome them. For example, if you get drunk alone, there won’t be anyone you can trust to take you back to the hotel. Similarly, if you eat something bad, there won’t be anyone to take you to the hospital or take care of you. Therefore, especially in sensitive matters, you may need to act with foresight. Choosing a place to eat carefully and carrying medication in your bag for potential allergies and illnesses can be helpful.

Start Exploring from the Streets

Sometimes the best way to explore a city is by getting lost in its streets. Yes, having a planned itinerary is important. However, being flexible and following the explorer within us is equally crucial. The culture of every city unfolds through its streets. When you set aside your notebooks and checklists and allow yourself to get lost in the streets, you can fully immerse yourself in those cultures. So, don’t be afraid of getting lost. As long as you feel safe, wandering aimlessly in the streets can bring you pleasant surprises. The key is not to have a packed schedule. Open yourself to new experiences, be flexible with your plans, and say yes to unexpected adventures. The rest will follow.

Experience the Local Culture

The main purpose of most trips is actually to experience the local culture as much as possible. The best way to do this is to pay attention to how the locals live. Eating in the places they eat, choosing traditional dishes, participating in local activities, and shopping from local stores are perfect ways to connect with the city you are visiting. This way, you not only leave that city with unique memories but also gain a different appreciation for that culture.

If You Need to Ask for Help

Getting lost and feeling confused are inevitable experiences of solo travel. Sometimes, even if you have an address in hand, you may feel lost. For example, you might not fully understand where to get off when using public transportation, or you might have trouble finding the street you want to go to. In such situations, you can ask for help. No one will judge you because asking for help is a very human thing to do. No matter how much you plan, things are likely to go wrong. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and ask questions. Who knows, asking for help might lead you to meet new people and add a different dimension to your journey.

If you’re looking for more travel tips, we’ve compiled the best travel tactics from Piri travellers in this article.

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