Toronto Travel Guide

Welcome to the enchanting world of Toronto, the sparkling gem of Canada! 

If you’re looking for a city that effortlessly blends cultural diversity, towering skyscrapers, and scenic waterfronts, you’ve hit the jackpot. Toronto is not just a city; it’s a magnetic mosaic of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct charm. From iconic landmarks like the CN Tower piercing the sky to hidden gems, Toronto is a treasure trove of experiences that will leave you spellbound. 

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Did You Know? 🎬

Film or TV productions choose Toronto as their location because of its resemblance to New York. Plus, the city is comparatively more affordable than New York. So, it is not surprising that producers often prefer to set up their productions here. Short footage in New York was combined with footage in Toronto for such TV shows as Orphan Black, Suits, The Umbrella Academy

Where is Toronto?

It is a city in the province of Ontario, Canada. Toronto is on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario and is the capital city of the province. It is also the largest city in Canada and serves as an important economic, cultural, and political hub.

How to Go to Toronto?

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is the main international airport serving the city. There are also several other regional airports in the area. 
  • VIA Rail Canada operates train services that connect Toronto to major cities in Canada and the United States. The main train station in Toronto is Union Station.
  • Greyhound and other bus companies offer long-distance services that connect Toronto to many cities and towns in Canada and the United States.
  • If you are coming from a nearby location on the Great Lakes, some cruise ships and ferries offer services to Toronto’s Harborfront.

The Best Time to Visit Toronto

Fall comes with mild temperatures and colourful foliage. Toronto looks stunning during this season, and it’s a great time for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Fall also brings several cultural events and harvest festivals.

Places to Visit in Toronto

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Toronto Music Garden

The Toronto Music Garden, a public park, was designed in partnership with the celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma and has the name “Music Garden” due to its inspiration from Johann Sebastian Bach’s “The First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello”. Within the park, visitors are led along meandering pathways that pass through six unique gardens, each influenced by the diverse emotions, moods, and structures found in music.

CN Tower

CN Tower, which until not too long ago, in 2007, held the title of the world’s tallest structure. The construction of the tower took 26 months and was completed on April 2, 1975. Even while still under construction, on March 31, 1975, it officially became the world’s tallest freestanding structure. The height of the Tower measures a staggering 553 meters! 

👀 BONUS: In 2011, the CN Tower introduced EdgeWalk, the first-of-its-kind attraction in North America. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to experience the open air 356 meters above Toronto, then EdgeWalk is perfect for you. It is the world’s highest full-circle hands-free walk, taking place on a 1.5-meter-wide ledge encircling the main pod of the CN Tower.

St. Andrew's Church

St. Andrew’s, one of the oldest Presbyterian congregations in Canada, has found its home here. The talented Canadian architect John Ewart envisioned its design. As the congregation grew, the original building could no longer accommodate their needs. In 1874, the congregation acquired land on King Street, and the construction of a new church began. The doors of the present-day magnificent structure swung open in 1876, displaying the elegant Romanesque Revival style. 

Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario opened its doors as the Art Museum of Toronto in 1900. Throughout time, it has grown its collection with acquisitions and donations. Today, you can see the Thomson Collection. The museum vividly reflects the development of Canada’s artistic heritage. It shows drawings and paintings by the Group of Seven. There are also artworks from First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples, and a significant collection of European art from the 12th to the 19th century.

St. Lawrence Market

What about gorging yourself on some Canadian food in a 220-year-old market? 🤤

The St. Lawrence Market is among the world’s largest markets. Comprising three main buildings, it has been a crucial part of Toronto’s history, serving as its social centre, City Hall, and marketplace. The three buildings are the South Market, the North Market, and St. Lawrence Hall. The South Market is an expansive brick structure with a cast iron ceiling, reminiscent of London’s St. Pancras train station, dating back to the early 1900s. It offers a wide range of essential food items, including fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, baked goods, and dairy products.

On the other hand, the North Market hosts the Farmer’s Market, which takes place every Saturday. This market is the go-to place for local producers from Southern Ontario, who come to sell their fresh seasonal products.

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